Monday, October 31, 2011

CFP: Speculative Dimensions of Divination

Deadline: Feb. 15 2012

Femspec (a peer reviewed journal dedicated to critical and creative works that challenge gender through speculative means in a variety of genres) is seeking submissions on speculative aspects of divination through any means including Tarot – particularly representations of Tarot and other readings in film, speculative literature, art, poetry, and popular culture.

Submissions that focus on the divination reading process and the spiritual medium reader using whatever tools at hand are particularly welcome and may include:
  • critical analysis as well as short stories, poetry, and excerpts from longer works
  • personal accounts of experiences working as a reader
  • memoirs and autobiographical accounts of spiritual and divination readers
  • scholarly papers about fiction, cultural products or ethnographies
  • participant observation and commentaries on representations of the spiritual reading in any aspect of popular culture, including evolution of contemporary decks in the women's spirituality movement, the practice ofpalmists or phone psychics, art, film, the phenomenon of internet readers, Tarot reading shops, booths on boardwalks or at carnivals and festivals such as Renaissance Fairs.
Papers collected will be reviewed individually or as a special section or special issue of the journal, depending on the volume received and on what is timely for publication. The journal is double anonymously peer reviewed. All copyrights will be maintained by FemspecAll submitters must have active subscriptions throughout the submission, review, and publication process. The cover artist will receive two free copies of the issue.

MLA format required. See the Femspec website ( for paper submission format. For more information, contact

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  1. This issue currently has one book review of a book by a tarot reader in England, and will haveone review of a deck with CD and cards from Argentina. Other than that, intern Maria Velazquez will be doing an interview with Aqueduct Press editor on why she published a book about divination and why an award-wining author wrote a novel about divination, and the deadline has been opened, open ended. So send in your stuff! --the editor.