Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Great Age Issue: The Power of the Positive Crone #1

The Power of the Positive Crone
Carole Spearin McCauley

Our second issue for this year - 14.2 - is dedicated to aging and gender: representations in speculative fiction, everyday experiences, creative fiction or non-fiction, and more. Inspired by board member, Constance Brereton, we're calling this The Great Age Issue. 
The following piece the first of a four part series by Carole Spearin McCauley.
This article was written for The Great Age Issue. The author has graciously permitted us to serialize it on our blog as a prelude to the issue itself.  
We are accepting submissions for this issue until March 1, 2014. Write to us at femspec-at-aol-dot-com or to the issue editor aganapath-at-gmail-dot-com if you'd like to submit your work for consideration. The extended call for submissions can be found here and our submission guidelines are available here