Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Process for Book Submissions to Femspec Books

Process for Book Submissions
1. Subscribe to Femspec at
2. Submit an excerpt of 50 pages or less following procedures stated online.
3. Explain in the submission process that you have a book length manuscript that you would like us to consider publishing as a special issue as well as the excerpt. Describe the book, the genre, the intended audience, and your qualifications as an author to reach this audience as well as your marketing plan and what you could do to help us reach out.
4. The excerpt will go through the normal peer review process.
5. At the end of the process, we will either
a. reject the excerpt and say we are not interested in pursuing publication;
b. accept the excerpt for publication;
c. request revisions of the piece;
d. request to see the entire manuscript for publication of a special issue;
e. initiate discussion as a publication as a product of Femspec Books, which would require submission of the entire manuscript and a pricing process which would require your contribution. A publication as a special issue or as a piece within a general issue would not.

Special issues, products of Femspec Books, or general issues with your piece are available in bulk to buy at a twenty percent author’s discount, so that you may buy and promote your products at speaking events and on your own.

We also have available on a contract basis press release services, eblasts, and books on CD, travel drive or ebooks productions which can get your product distributed in alternative forms.

Finally, if you publish an entire book with us, either as a special issue or as a Femspec Book production, you may contract for book review services by people in our networks, and for an interview in Femspec by a member of our team to give you additional exposure.

Good luck and we look forward to seeing your manuscript! Please read our webpage at to determine whether your manuscript is a good fit with us prior to submission.

We also provide initial editorial consultations for $65. After an initial consultation, the editorial rates are $50 an hour or $10 a page, whichever you find more workable to get your manuscript into publishable shape.

These services are available whether you select to submit to Femspec Books or elsewhere.

Our editors have years of experience in both critical and creative publication to put at your service.

Our interest is in serving you to the best of our capacity. We are not attached to your publishing in Femspec, although of course developing our own mission is our primary motivating goal.