Monday, April 1, 2013

Updated: Join the Femspec Team!

Do you want the opportunity for professional development?
Are you just getting out of your Masters program brimming with skills and unsure of your candidacy for a doctoral program?
Are you in the doctoral program or assistant prof. slot wanting to fatten your resume with professional service?

We've filled some of our earlier opportunities. But we're still looking for people to fill these roles:
1. Subscription and Mail Coordinator - A person in this role is responsible for maintaining the subscription base and ensuring that it is current, for receiving the shipment from the printer, and for mailing out the issues
2. Advertising Executive - This person will coordinate ad exchanges with other journals, and seek paying advertisers such as publishers.
3. Book Review Editor - Responsibilities include communicating with editor about overall vision of what needs to be reviewed in the journal, conferring at conferences, strategizing about how to collect the latest books each year, making the rounds at conferences to get books directly from exhibitors, going through new title lists to order review copies, focusing on compiling scholarly texts to review, advertising for reviewers on lists such as Pop Culture, WMSTL, SFRA, IAFA; sending reviews out for peer-review; copy editing and proof reading reviews; collecting bios from reviewers as well as ensuring that they subscribe; supervising returning the page copy to publishers and authors once book reviews are printed.
4. Book Review Coordinator- This person will send out copies of book reviews to publishers, and will send published pieces to non-subscribing authors for review
5. Database Liaison - This person is responsible for liasoning with databases for various issues including information updation etc. 
6. Graphic Designer - This person will be responsible for designing and making brochures, leaflets for conferences etc. 
7. Press-release writer
8. Citation checker - For all accepted submission
9. Grant writer
10. Creative Submissions Editor
11. Art Contest Coordinator

If interested please send a CV, letter of interest describing how your skills, knowledge of the journal and the field, and experience lend you to this position, and three letters of reference to femspec@aol. 
Production team members are required to keep subscriptions current throughout their internship, and are asked to make a three year commitment. If they leave their job or quit or resign from their task without finding and training a replacement before their term is up, an exit fee of $100 is required to assist the journal in its transition in recruiting and replacing the labor.