Saturday, October 4, 2014

This message about fundraising to support future conferences comes from Gwendolyn Beetham as she prepares for the 2015 National Women's Studies Association (NWSA) conference later this year. Femspec will be in attendance at the conference as well, and hopes to see many of you there too!

From Gwen:

Hi everyone, 

Just a quick update - we've raised an additional $1000 in the past week (!!), and we're now at $2025 with 9 days to go!  Keep on getting the word out! And remember, any money over our goal will go to NWSA to start a fund for contingent faculty in the future. 

And, just a reminder to send along your description of what you'll be addressing at the conference if you haven't already. I wanted to also ask for suggestions for a "what can you do as a (feminist) student" for my piece at Feministing (you can send them to me and not the entire group). I think that something from a student perspective would be very useful and there's not a ton out there. 

That's it for now. Big thanks to you all - so looking forward to November.