Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Reviewing roots, rock and revolution byEmma's Revolution

This morning I stretched my back on a yoga ball at Twin Oaks in the collective dance/music/film/relax space, listening to Pat Humphries and Sandy O sing about how the earth was a living planet, following a star, and we don't know where we are going but we can change the universe just by being who we are. What a way to stretch!

The momentum flowed into me and with a jolt I was back on Fenn Fes, the post-Mich gathering in August where we all sat around in a talk circle after the festival and discussed the state of the world and politics, all of us, all the women and even a few men in the circle. No division into backstage for performers, paying festigoers kept out by ropes and security guards....the merging among us all as women and people striving to make a change in the universe was expressed in this circle, and in this CD that the two of them gave me to review after the small gathering ended.

Produced by James McVay and a product of Moving Forward Music in 2006, the well-produced CD with  a great photo of the two young rising folk music/women's music stars has a long thank you that really lets folks into the feel of what it means to get into your music and to get it out. Acknowledgements for fundraisers, cashews, input musically, and so much more imparts a flair of where the two women are coming from.

I had to laugh as I danced to the lyrics of "Vote," where the enumeration of how many numbers the government can keep--of wars, investments, interest--really calls into question why it is so difficult to count our votes.

The fluctuation between critiques of harsh political realities and softer gentler croonings about where did you sleep, did you have some peace indicate how you get through this political world that is so crazy--find and nurture the vibration of love..

I think you will love this CD if you get your own, at many festivals where they vend or http://www.emmasrevolution.com/.

-Batya Weinbaum

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