Thursday, September 16, 2010

Femspec announces Femspec Books

New start up of the publishing imprint Femspec Books.
So far this imprint has published a trial run of one full-length novel in the genre that Femspec usually publishes and a second book just off the press.  Contact us for review copies.
The journal is starting this press because after ten years positioned in the publishing business, bringing out 500 plus artists, critics and authors, we have been approached numerous times with full-length manuscripts. Thus we feel  uniquely situated to bring out authors who will already have an audience with us (our readers) and to whom critics and reviewers will already turn, on our recommendation.
 Not only will we increase our profits, but we will enlarge our impact on the literary universe, which was our goal in the first place---to broaden the understanding of the speculative genre, to make it more inclusive, which most feel we have done.
We will offer the same sort of peer-review we do for the journal and will retain our integrity as a respected press.
Our first two trial run publications (to get out the quirks) are my own:
The Nightmares of Sasha Weitzwoman, a 583 .p novel about a woman who goes to Jerusalem to cover the first Intifada and gets caught in a haunted hotel in West Jerusalem, previously excerpted in the Jewish issue. Available for $26 plus shipping and handling, $35.
Opening Palms, a book I have been selling at festivals which is based on a column I wrote for the Santa Barbara Independent for a year and a half. $10. Plus shipping and handling, $15.
Contact us if you have manuscripts of fiction, nonfiction or poetry. Look soon also for Fermspec Productions, producing music cds and books on tape.
                                                                                                Batya Weinbaum

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