Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Short Review of: Let Me In (written by Ola Liota Weinbaum)

Let Me In.  Dir. Matt Reeves. English, 2010. Horror film.

Another vampire movie? The knee-jerk reflex is of course to ask, why? Yet this film breaks, for me, new ground as the main character is a compelling, deftly controlling "twelve-year-old" little girl.  Eternally living and yet on the brink of death if she is starved of human blood, she uses a nasty strain of co-dependence and grabs a boy every fifty years or so to do the killing for her.  Why exactly they convince themselves to do this, I'm not sure, except for the fact that the girl is endearing (though, refreshingly not over-sexualized), seems more vulnerable than she is, and the boys she selects are lonely, weird, and need somebody whom they can help.  So they grow up, taking care of this parasite by doing the dirty illegal work of murder and harvesting, while the girl who was their first love stays innocent in a string of apartments and drinks to her satisfaction.  To be fair, the boy whom this film focuses on did get some help from her, both psychological and physical, in dealing with his bullies.  Those jerks will never grace the halls of any school again.  This movie features a strong, natural, and powerful, young female and makes the point that girls can hold a film together without exposing their cleavage.--olw  (Written by Ola Liota Weinbaum)

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  1. I loved Let Me In; tense, gritty, original and innovative. After the recent trend for stupid vampire/werewolf cross-overs and love-sick teenage tripe, this is very refreshing! I havent seen the original but I will definitely check it out soon,

    Here's my review of Let Me In Cheers.