Saturday, August 21, 2010

Our Current Issue

Issue 10.1 is nearly 150 pages chock-full of interesting things to read.  It includes poetry and a riveting article by Phebe Beiser, reviews of great books such as Mothers and Other Monsters, and Seers, Witches, and Psychics on Screen as well as other cool pieces by our intelligent contributors (such as Nava Semel, Meg Easling, Kyra Glass von der Osten, Phillipa Kafka, Derek R. Sweet, and Li Weinbaum, to name just a few). 

Here is an excerpt of Batya Weinbaum's editorial remarks of issue 10.1 (taken from ProQuest):

"In the seventies, I studied writing in NYC with Marguerite Young, the author of the picaresque, psychological novel of the road from which these quotes derive--a journey of the human spirit in which a grown woman looks for her lost nanny who had abandoned her as a child, depicting a search for a bizarre reality in a fascinating world intertwining illusion and nightmare that had been heralded by international underground readers as the Arabian Nights of American life.  

Li Weinbaum's review of Going Under keeps up our connection to the fantasy genre, and her review of The Gay Gene Discovery will keep our readers abreast of futuristic sf caricaturizing the Clinton family with Hillary as Lady President, Ellen "Generous" as psychiatric social worker, and where AIDS activist Linda Jones Feinberg depicts an analysis of a society threatened by a wave of abortion of gay fetuses." ~Batya Weinbaum.

This excerpt can also be found on the home page of the new Femspec site:

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